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1. Best speakerphone in 2021 for working from home - CNET
Doing a lot of conference calls from home these days using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another platform? These compact speakerphones will improve your audio experience.
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2. See the world's smallest origami bird fold itself into nanoscale art - CNET
The miniscule bird is a triumph for nanotech.
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3. New Galaxy Note might not happen this year, Samsung exec says - CNET
The company says its next high-end Note phone probably won't show up until next year.
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4. Super Nintendo World opens to the public - CNET
People started visiting Japanese theme park on Thursday, after delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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5. All the tax implications of moving to a new state during COVID-19 - CNET
You may encounter several obstacles when filing your taxes, from double taxation to finding out you paid taxes to the wrong state in 2020.
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6. Charmin unfurls NFT toilet paper art - CNET
Look out, Mr. Beeple: Mr. Whipple is coming for you.
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